Getting Around Orlando

The Orange County Convention Center with its distinguished scooped roof is the second largest convention center in the United States. Its proximity to the popular Orlando resort area keeps the center quite busy. Travelers to the center have several modes of transportation they can choose to use to arrive at their destination. The center has two tradeshow areas: the North-South Building and the West Building.

Driving is easy to do and the routes to the parking areas are well marked with signs. Some of the signs are LCD signs that are updated regularly. The convention center has three parking lots for attendees. These are filled on a first come, first served basis. All lots are reached by taking State Road 528 or Interstate Highway 4.

The parking lot for the North/South Building is accessed from Universal Boulevard or Tradeshow Boulevard. The parking lot for the West Building is reached by taking Exhibition Road. The third parking area is a garage and is reached by taking Destination Parkway. This area is not immediately located near the convention buildings, so a tram is provided for passengers to reach the building of their choice. For some events, valet parking is available for guests to use. Parking starts at $13 for most vehicles.

Taxis are readily available to passengers arriving or leaving the convention center. Passengers are picked up and dropped off at the three cab locations. One is out front of the WA and WB Halls, another is out front of the WE and WF halls, and the third is out front of the SA and SB Halls. The fair varies with the distance traveled by the visitor. Most fares range in the $8 to $30 range.

Rickshaws are available at the center for passengers needing to travel short distances or from one building to another. Rickshaws can carry up to two people and charge about $10 per ride.

The I Ride Trolley offers guests several stops along International Boulevard including two stops at the Convention Center. Both the red line and the green line have several stops at the Convention Center. Stops 26, 27 and 28 bring visitors to the center. Passengers are dropped off at E/F Halls at the North/South Building and at C Hall at the West Building. The trolley runs from 8 AM to 10:30 PM daily.

By Bus
The local Lynx Bus Line takes passengers to the Convention Center along the 38 line. The bus line drops passengers off in front of the North/South Buildings. Local buses 03, 13, and 51 have transfer stops to reach the 38 line. The bus line is one of the cheapest ways to reach the Convention Center. Passengers are picked up at the drop off point. After 4:30 pm the closest bus to the Convention Center is the 08 line.