Dining in Orlando

The Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, Florida, is well served by both local and national chain restaurants located on the city's International Drive thoroughfare. Convention attendees will find plenty of appetizing options for all rates, ranging from desserts to barbecue and all-American dishes to Italian faire. When attending a convention in Orlando, these five restaurants are the "must-dine" options along International Drive, which are closest to the convention site itself.

Maggiano's Little Italy
One of the hallmarks of the modern convention is that they can truly last from sunrise until sunset. There are often very few meal breaks, and attendees can find themselves interrupting keynote speeches and product demonstrations with an intrusive rumbling stomach. One of the best cures for such an inconvenience is Italian food. Loaded with heavy sauces, carbohydrates, and plenty of meat, a hearty Italian meal can go a long way toward making a long convention more bearable, at least in terms of hunger. Maggiano's Little Italy is one of the leading national Italian restaurant chains, and it prides itself on providing a more authentic and low-key dining atmosphere than many of its competitors in this market niche.

Johnny Rockets
There's something to be said about nostalgia, especially in terms of hearty American cuisine. There's also something to be said for the single best milkshake in Orlando and servers who will dance to "Saturday Night Fever" disco songs after they serve that milkshake in a retro-style sundae glass. Johnny Rockets remains one of the leading all-American dining options in Orlando and wherever the company maintains a location.

The Oceanaire Seafood Room
Florida's location makes it a prime target for those diners who love to have a great seafood meal. The Oceanaire Seafood Room combines excellent seafood dishes with high-class service and top-notch atmospherics to transport diners right to the Florida Gulf shores where all the seafood-catching action is.

Fat Fish Blue
Orlando benefits from being relatively close to so-called "Cajun Country" just to its north and west, and Fat Fish Blue provides an excellent menu full of Cajun-inspired classics which will delight the tastebuds and spice up any convention-going day in the greater central Florida region.

Funky Monkey Wine Company
After a long day of keynote speeches, product demonstrations, and business networking opportunities, there's nothing more satisfying than a great glass of wine. In addition to its light faire and healthy menu options, Funky Monkey Wine Company offers a number of affordable and high-end wines that will take the edge off a long day at the Orange County Convention Center.

Plenty of Great Options for Dining
The Orange County Convention Center is one of the best-served such facilities in the United States when it comes to dining options, and that makes it an overall great place to travel for such events. Attendees will love the wide variety and upper class options provided in the nearby area.