Attractions in Orlando

Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World is the crown jewel of attractions near the Orange County Convention Center, and started the rapid growth in Orange County many years ago. Walt Disney World is comprised of four different major theme parks and two water parks. Magic Kingdom is the main theme park with Epcot Center, Disney Hollywood Studios, and Disney Animal Kingdom being available for visitors as well. All of the parks are centered on characters from Disney movies, and include rides and attractions for all ages.

Universal Studios
Universal Studios is another one of the main attractions that you'll find close to the Orange County Convention Center. At Universal Studios, you'll find many different attractions that are based around popular movies and children's characters. Your kids will love the opportunity to meet Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Diego, and many other characters. Universal recently opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which capitalizes on the phenomenon of the books and movies.

Sea World
Sea World is another classic attraction situated in the heart of Orlando. At Sea World, you'll get to see many of the marine creatures that you wouldn't get a chance to interact with otherwise. They give you the opportunity to feed dolphins, stingrays, killer whales, and many other marine animals. They also have some amazing shows with trained animals that can do many different tricks and routines.

Discovery Cove
Discovery Cove is an attraction that is connected to Sea World, and is unlike anything else that you'll find. At Discovery Cove, guests get the chance to interact with many different animals. You can swim with dolphins, stingrays, otters, and tropical fish. You can walk through an open-air aviary and hold some colorful birds. They even offer an all-inclusive resort atmosphere as you get the opportunity to eat and drink as much as you want throughout the day. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that your family will never forget.

Gator Land
Gator Land is an attraction that has been thrilling families for over 50 years. At Gator Land, the main attraction is the alligators, but they also have a lot of other interesting animals and things to check out. You can get your picture taken with a baby alligator in your hands and a large snake wrapped around your neck. They also recently installed a zip line that lets you soar over the top of the park.